The Rarest Colors of Doberman Pinschers

Learn about the rarest colors of doberman pinschers - albinos & melanistic - and why they should not be bred.

The Rarest Colors of Doberman Pinschers

The fawn-colored Dobermans (or Isabella) are the rarest of the four breed colors recognized by the American Kennel Club. The

rarest Doberman

color is the albino Doberman, which has a white coat just like the cream or white Dobermans. However, it is possible to distinguish an albino from a white Doberman by its eye color - albinos have pink or colorless eyes, while white Dobermans have bright blue eyes. All-black dobermans (also called melanistic) are rare, but can be seen.

These Dobermans are totally black, with no rusty colors in their fur. This is another breed, such as the White Doberman, that should not be bred. Fawn-colored Dobermans are the rarest of all Doberman colors, with an estimated 10% of the population having this color. Pure black Dobermans are also rare and have the normal shiny black fur of a conventional Doberman, but without colored spots on the forehead, legs, head, or ears.

The rarest colors of the Doberman are usually the result of inbred genetic mutations, which cause a large number of health problems in offspring. Griffon Dobermans are known to develop alopecia due to color dilution, which can cause them to become hairless at an early age. This coveted color of the Doberman is the result of the recessive gene that causes dilution, which means that, genetically speaking, they have a standard black coat that has been thinned or dragged until it becomes the slate gray pigmentation of the blue Doberman. The American Kennel Club recognizes five different colors of the Doberman Pinscher: black and tan (the tan part is also known as brown or rust), blue, fawn, white and melanistic (all-black).

Fawn and white are considered to be the rarest colors and should not be bred due to certain restrictions on exhibitions. Rust-colored red Dobermans have a friendly temperament and are not as territorial as other colored Dobermans. Fawn-colored dobermans have a nearly uniform coat that appears light and shiny in the light. Regardless of their coat color, all Dobermans are bred to be protective dogs and bark a lot.

Many breeders take very seriously the reasons for not producing an all-black or white Doberman due to potential health issues in offspring. Even so, these special-colored dogs carry the diluted recessive genes that create this special Doberman color.