Are Doberman Pinschers Good Family Dogs?

Doberman Pinschers are highly intelligent, human-oriented dogs that are loyal, affectionate and protective. If attention is paid to early socialization and training, they can make great family pets. Learn more about if a Doberman would be a good fit for your family

Are Doberman Pinschers Good Family Dogs?


Doberman Pinscher

is an incredibly loyal and devoted companion to their family. They are known for being affectionate and protective of their family, especially children, when they have been raised with them. Dobermans are highly intelligent and human-oriented dogs that can make great family pets when given the right socialization and training. When considering if a Doberman is the right fit for your family, it is important to consider how active your family is.

Dobermans need a lot of exercise during the day to stay happy, so a close relationship with active children tends to benefit both children and dogs. It is also important to be aware that some Dobermans may become nervous and hyperreactive with loud voices and fast movements that children can't help but make. The Doberman Pinscher breed was originally created in the 19th century by a tax collector who needed a dog for personal protection while collecting taxes. John Walter is a family Doberman specialist, has a CPD certification in canine communication and is an active dog trainer specializing in the Doberman Pinscher breed.

He has been quoted in the Doberman Network, Bark Magazine, Doberman Dispatch magazines and is the founder of Doberman Planet.When introducing a Doberman to other pets, it is important to be aware that owners raising Dobermans with much smaller dogs in the same household have had success. Introducing a Doberman to a rabbit at an early age has also had some success, but introducing an adult Doberman to any of these common household pets can be disastrous. If you are considering getting a Doberman for your family, it is important to get them before you have children and focus on intense training and socialization. To truly provide the best life for a Doberman Pinscher, it is recommended that they participate in a canine activity where they can use their athletic skills and their intelligent mind.

The defense dog by nature, an ill-mannered Doberman, will quickly become painful for his owner, his family and those around him because he tends to be suspicious, even aggressive.