Are Doberman Pinschers Aggressive Towards Owners?

Doberman Pinschers are naturally protective rather than aggressive. Learn about the causes of aggression in this breed as well as modern breeding practices that have resulted in less aggressive dogs.

Are Doberman Pinschers Aggressive Towards Owners?

Doberman Pinschers are naturally more protective than aggressive. They usually only become aggressive when they feel the need to protect themselves or their owners from a perceived danger. This breed was originally bred for protection, meaning they are instinctively inclined to guard. Dog aggression is a serious issue and it is important to understand its causes.It is important to observe your Doberman's behavior in order to identify the source of the aggression.

The breed was initially bred for personal safety, so it is likely that their aggression is due to an instinctive desire to alert of potential threats. Other causes may include fear and resource guarding. If your


is only aggressive with visitors, then it is likely a territorial behavior. If they are aggressive when scared, then it is likely fear-based aggression.

If they are aggressive with their food, then it is likely resource guarding.Fang, my intact 5-year-old male Doberman, is very intelligent but also highly biddable, which I understand is a common trait in this breed. A Doberman may not be the right dog for you if you cannot provide enough attention, exercise, and activities to keep them content.Modern breeding practices have resulted in dogs that are less aggressive than before, however studies have still shown that the Doberman breed is more likely than others to show aggressiveness towards strangers and other dogs. If you think your Doberman has an aggression issue, then it is important to address the behavioral problem.I have had Dobermans for thirty years and all of mine have been naturally affectionate, loving, and cuddly. I had two Dobermans who were very sweet; they went on walks regularly, got along well with other dogs, and loved people.Why did one of my father's Dobermans attack the other? They were calm for a moment and then suddenly became aggressive and violent.

The Doberman Club realized that the breed had gained a reputation for aggressiveness and decided to eliminate these tendencies.For more information on the Doberman Pinscher, please refer to Everything Your Family Needs to Know About the Doberman Breed. Schutzhund type Dobermans are bred to have a “sharper temperament”, similar to European Dobermans and their original breeding. At the top of the Doberman lineage from yours it's very difficult to work with them; it's a completely different game for guard dogs.If this dog cannot learn to exercise its “sucking” muscles after three years of legitimate training and a lifestyle appropriate to its mental and physical needs, or has a genetic defect that contributes to what appears to be dangerous and certainly socially unacceptable behavior for a normal Doberman in the line of work that cannot be treated with medication, I doubt that castration will significantly affect the problem.The problem is that a Doberman is incredibly fast and powerful and could harm you or your family very seriously if something causes it to explode accidentally and that doesn't have a happy ending. As a result of this realization, modern American Dobermans have much more stable temperaments and have dropped in rankings of aggressive breeds.