Are Dobermans Aggressive to Their Owners?

Doberman Pinschers are known for their strength and intelligence, but are they aggressive towards their owners? Learn more about why dobermans make great family pets and how to correct any overly aggressive behavior.

Are Dobermans Aggressive to Their Owners?

Doberman Pinschers are known for their strength and intelligence, and they rank fourth in terms of aggressiveness. While they can be aggressive towards strangers, they are rarely aggressive towards their owners. Any overly aggressive behavior is usually the result of a lack of socialization or mistreatment. Dobermans are loyal, intelligent, and strong, making them great pets and guard dogs.

However, if not properly trained or previously abused, they can become aggressive. Due to their size, an aggressive Doberman can be dangerous. Fortunately, this behavior can be corrected in a humane way. John Walter is a family Doberman specialist and has a CPD certification in canine communication.

He has been quoted in various magazines and is the founder of Doberman Planet. Contrary to popular belief, Dobermans are not bad dogs and rarely act aggressively without the need to protect themselves or their owners. With proper training and socialization, they make great family pets. The breed was originally created for personal safety and they have instinctive protective traits that make them great guard dogs.

Starting training early will help your Doberman puppy learn basic obedience commands such as sitting, staying, coming, and bending down. This will help them understand when it is appropriate to be aggressive and when it is not. Although Dobermans have impressive abilities, they are not likely to use them unless they feel threatened. Louis began experimenting with selective dog breeding and ended up with the Doberman Pinscher - the perfect protector.

Therefore, the total number of bites per year by breed is not broken down by workers or domestic workers and the numbers are biased, making it appear that Dobermans have a high number of bites per year.While Doberman Pinschers certainly have the physical abilities to be quite dangerous animals, the modern Doberman is generally suited for a companion role and isn't likely to be too aggressive.